June 10, 2021

6 Post-Rehab Habits Proven to Help Recovery

Even though there are several dozen competing treatment models for substance use disorder (SUD), nearly all of them emphasize the importance of building and maintaining positive […]
June 8, 2021

What Are The Signs of an Alcohol Relapse?

Achieving a full recovery from an alcohol use disorder (AUD) requires the use of relapse prevention strategies. Whether you finished rehab yesterday or did so a […]
June 3, 2021

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Along with withdrawal management and medication-assisted therapy, psychotherapy is one of the foundations of mainstream drug and alcohol rehab. Of the many psychotherapy approaches used, cognitive-behavioral […]
May 20, 2021

7 Essential SUD Recovery Habits

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a very complex disease that often requires months or years of regular treatment. Because it directly attacks a person’s free will, […]
May 6, 2021

What To Expect During Drug or Alcohol Detox

In most cases, people who are hooked on drugs or alcohol need to undergo “detoxification” (detox) before they can receive further treatment. when people use the […]
April 15, 2021

Is Group Therapy Enough for SUD Rehab?

In the United States, group therapy (sometimes called group psychotherapy) is a go-to treatment for all kinds of mental issues, including substance use disorder (SUD). Today, […]
March 31, 2021

Is Addiction Incurable?

Every once in a while, you’ll often hear someone claim that they “cured” themselves of an addiction. Whether it’s an addiction to heroin, gambling, nicotine, caffeine, […]
March 17, 2021

Is Faith-based Substance Rehab Right for You?

All other things being the same, the type of culture a drug rehab program is in will greatly influence the type of treatment patients will receive. […]
May 15, 2017
Doctor hands on table 2

Finding the Right Opioid Detox Center in Dallas

Things you should know about getting help for opioid withdrawal in Dallas The recent surge of admissions to emergency rooms and rehab centers in Dallas for opioid […]