Dallas Marijuana Drug Treatment

Dallas marijuana drug treatment centers are dedicated to effectively treating individuals who find themselves heavily dependent on marijuana. Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world, and that can lead to dependence. This dependence is marked by a need to take the drug to feel normal. It's important to understand the difference between marijuana and marijuana dependence before a problem develops.

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What is Marijuana?

An understanding of what marijuana is and how it works is essential for an overall understanding of marijuana dependence. Also technically known as cannabis, the drug goes by many different street names including weed, pot, grass, bud, and Mary Jane to name a few.

No matter the name that's used, marijuana comes in the form of dried, shredded Cannabis sativa leaves. These leaves are most often smoked (though sometimes brewed into tea or baked into food) to create the associated high. The chemical THC is responsible for this high.

The effects of marijuana use vary depending upon the user. Many people experience a feeling of euphoria. A sense of relaxation is also common. On the other hand, these feelings are sometimes replaced by those of anxiety, fear, and paranoia. Extremely large doses have even been shown to bring about hallucinations and delusions.

Effects of Marijuana Dependence

The effects of becoming dependent on marijuana are far different than those of casual marijuana use. Over time, a tolerance builds up, requiring more of the drug to be used.

When marijuana is taken in extremely high quantities, it can lead to permanent memory impairment, mental health problems, and respiratory problems. Other consequences include problems at work, in relationships, and with finances. Those that are dependent on marijuana experience withdrawal symptoms including irritability and depression.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, marijuana is easier than the majority of other drugs for most people to quit. In fact, studies have shown a single session with a counselor has long-term positive effects. For those that need a more thorough approach, there are Dallas treatment centers that offer extensive marijuana treatment.

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