Dangers of Drug Abuse

Addicts do not have to go through the rehab process alone. Dallas Drug Treatment Centers can help individuals find qualified rehab centers where they can get drug addiction treatment. When recovering from drug abuse, rehabilitation centers are designed to help with detoxification and relapse prevention. Rehabs in Dallas are set up to provide a safe, healthy environment for addicts to recover. Afterward, each individual will be taught the tools that they need to live drug-free, productive lives.

How Do Drugs Cause Harm?

Drug addictions harm every part of an individual's life. Drug addicts may develop financial or relationship problems as their addiction takes center stage in their life. Physically, drug use puts people at a higher risk of heart attacks, breathing problems, kidney disease and high blood pressure. Whenever a drug is inhaled, it can lead to lung infections, emphysema, lung cancer and nasal congestion. Substances like inhalants and alcohol can eventually lead to liver disease. When individuals use injections to absorb the drug, dirty needles can cause hepatitis and HIV.

Mental Effects of Drug Use

Although the drug user may feel the same, other people will be able to tell the extreme mood and mental changes that accompany drug use. Addicts may become paranoid for no reason or suddenly irritated. Certain drugs can effect someone's ability to focus or think clearly. Ultimately, every drug will make it more difficult for addict's to enjoy their life. Drugs rewire the pleasure centers of the brain. When someone uses drugs, it causes their brain to stop producing endorphins. In essence, the addict is unable to achieve a normal level of happiness without using drugs.

About half of drug users also suffer from mental health problems. Although some may develop mental issues because of drug use, other addicts start using drugs because of the mental disorder. Individuals with depression or anxiety disorder may use drugs to mask feelings like fatigue, sadness or fear. Other conditions like bi-polar disorder, ADHD and antisocial personality disorder are also found in higher proportions among drug users than the general population. Overall, people with mental health problems are twice as likely to have an addiction.

Drug Treatment Options

There are a variety of different treatment programs available for drug addicts. Drug addiction treatment may include counseling, medication or support groups. The ultimate goal of treatment programs for drug abuse is to help the addict to stop using drugs. As the treatment program progresses, individuals are taught how to manage stress and negative emotions without resorting to drug use. Despite the common myth, addicts do not have to reach rock bottom for treatment to work. Drug rehab can work for long-term addicts and new addictions.

Individuals who are finding it difficult to quit on their own can get help. Rehabs in Dallas are equipped to help all types of substance abuse. For more information on treating and dealing with drug addictions, individuals should contact Dallas Drug Treatment Centers at (214) 453-5663?.

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