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4 Dangerous Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Learn the symptoms of heroin withdrawal....   It's widely known that symptoms of heroin withdrawal are excruciatingly painful, but are rarely fatal. What many people don't recognize is that stopping heroin use by going 'cold turkey' can be far more dangerous than they expect. There are many st... Read More

Meth Users' Risks

Find out more about the risks meth users face......   Close to one-half of one percent of the country regularly uses the drug methamphetamine each year, if it isn't clear, meth users are becoming more prevalent than ever A 2011 DAWN report on the challenges faced by ERs in helping addicts with... Read More

4 Teen Drug Use Facts

Read and learn these 4 teen drug use facts and be aware of your teens' behavior...   When you are a parent, thinking about your teen using or abusing drugs is not what you want to ever have to do. However, for many parents, this is a serious concern and issue. Teenagers, after all, are at the ... Read More

Finding the Right Opiate Detox Dallas

Opiate Detox Dallas: Getting Help for Opiate Withdrawal and How to Deal with Opiate Withdrawals...   While Opiates can be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from extreme aches and pains, they can also be detrimental to patients who develop an addiction to the substance. All throughout... Read More

Dallas Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

A Look at Dallas' History with Substance Abuse and Dallas Alcohol and Drug Abuse ...   Dallas and Texas in general, have long been trapped in the center of the ever-growing opioid epidemic. With over three thousand patients being admitted into Dallas Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment centers fo... Read More

Roxanol Addiction

Roxanol Addiction and Its Deadly Grip...   Roxanol addiction is growing and people need to be informed. Roxanol is a supremely condensed solution of the narcotic analgesic morphine sulfate, administered orally for the treatment of severe, chronic pain. Each milligram of Roxanol contains 20 mi... Read More

Dallas Marijuana Drug Treatment

Dallas marijuana drug treatment centers are dedicated to effectively treating individuals who find themselves heavily dependent on marijuana. Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world, and that can lead to dependence. This dependence is marked by a need to take the drug to feel n... Read More

Dallas Recovery Programs

Dallas recovery programs offer many different methods for avoiding relapse. Relapse prevention is an essential component of the drug treatment process, with recovering addicts given the psychological and practical support they need to turn their lives around. While detox enables drug cessation and b... Read More

Dallas SMART Recovery Programs

Alcoholic Anonymous and other 12-step programs include a belief in a Higher Power as a step towards healing from addiction. However, this approach does not work for everyone, especially those who are not spiritual or wish to engage this belief. For these other folks, Dallas SMART Recovery programs o... Read More

Marijuana in Vehicle Gets Dallas Man Arrested

A man who was pulled over for speeding in west Texas was arrested after a state trooper found more than 120 pounds of marijuana in his car. The drugs amounted to more than $700,000 and was allegedly being transported from Arizona to Missouri. The drug marijuana comes from the hemp or cannabis plant ... Read More

Dangers of Drug Abuse

Addicts do not have to go through the rehab process alone. Dallas Drug Treatment Centers can help individuals find qualified rehab centers where they can get drug addiction treatment. When recovering from drug abuse, rehabilitation centers are designed to help with detoxification and relapse prevent... Read More

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