July 15, 2021

Why Are Our Veterans Vulnerable to Addiction?

The United States is only starting to end the Global War on Terror, the longest war in its history, with over five million men and women […]
July 13, 2021

What is Pink (U-47700)?

The past two years have certainly been among the most eventful in recent history, so it’s no surprise that a few notable stories were buried. One […]
July 8, 2021

Why Do Addiction Experts Use Cognitive-behavioral Therapy?

Talk therapy (also called psychotherapy) is now widely considered by psychiatric professionals and policymakers alike to be a pillar of substance use disorder (SUD) management and […]
May 4, 2021

4 Serious Problems That Result From Polydrug Use

Polydrug use or “drug mixing” is an extremely common practice among people that misuse substances. It can be done by consuming one substance while still under […]
April 6, 2021

What role does the family have in addiction treatment?

Today, most clinicians that handle cases of substance use disorder (SUD) agree that familial support is an important predictor of positive outcomes. Some studies confirm this […]
March 31, 2021

Is Addiction Incurable?

Every once in a while, you’ll often hear someone claim that they “cured” themselves of an addiction. Whether it’s an addiction to heroin, gambling, nicotine, caffeine, […]
March 24, 2021

What will Marijuana Legalization Bring to Dallas?

Texas is, somewhat famously, one of the strongest holdouts to the state-level legalization of marijuana. Local politicians are keenly aware of this fact, and it has […]
March 10, 2021
girl looking outside at iron fence

Why is Dallas’s Meth Problem is Growing

As far as substance use problems go in North Texas, opioids have been getting the lion’s share of the attention. However, methamphetamines have made a comeback, […]
July 31, 2017
sad man and woman 2

The Risks of Meth Use in Dallas

A look into the dangerous world of Dallas’s meth users While opioids, alcohol, and marijuana seem to dominate current discussions of drug misuse, meth has made […]